The List

Aka the Mandi Life List (I was using #lifelist but that is overrun with stuff, so I am switching to #TheMandiList), not so much a bucket list, this list is about living while I am alive, not what I want to do before I die.

I may have an incurable form of breast cancer (Stage IV metastatic breast cancer), but I am going to see the world, enjoy the little things (and BIG things). I found a list online as inspiration (some may be borrowed), and I figure it will add some flavor to add some interesting life goals (and make for some interesting Saturday afternoons) I will check off and report back as I accomplish my list on this breast cancer blog. I will also add ideas to my list as the come up.

  1. Take a photography lesson
  2. Drink a cup of coffee in at a cafe Rome – 9/10/15
  3. Kiss my husband by a fountain – 9/11/15
  4. See the RV get 30,000 miles
  5. Crochet a dog sweater
  6. Pick a pumpkin from the vine – 10/21/15
  7. Spend a whole day shopping – Done this once or twice on some vacations ūüėČ
  8. Eat in a railcar diner – 4/8/16
  9. Drink a rootbeer float and get ice cream all over my nose – 11/7/15
  10. Cook a turkey – 11/28/15
  11. Have a bubblebath by candlelight – 11/3/15
  12. Photograph San Rafael Swell Р4/11/15
  13. Dance to techno in the desert
  14. Dance to techno in a forest
  15. Tour the Colosseum Р9/8/15
  16. See a Dali painting on display
  17. Ride on a Trolley car
  18. Ride a bike (I haven’t since I was a kid)
  19. Can pickled green beans with my mom – 10/2/15
  20. Win an award – 9/22/15
  21. Eat freshly made butter – 3/14/15
  22. Get a new original piece of art – 6/23/15
  23. Make a piece of jewelry Р3/16/15
  24. Squish my toes in the sand – 8/22/15
  25. Ride a ferry – 3/16/16
  26. Finish a puzzle (I have puzzles, my dogs ate pieces off the first one, will start #2 soon) – 5/3/16
  27. Throw a costume party – 12/31/15 & Murder Mystery Party
  28. Make my own ice cream – 1/8/16
  29. Write a poem
  30. Visit Florence – 9/4/15
  31. Buy a pot from someone who made it – 8/1/15
  32. Go to Burning Man (so close, health didn’t behave, shooting for 2017 – cross your fingers!)
  33. Fly a kite – I have a new trick kite! Just waiting for a good day to take her outside!
  34. Cook a lobster dinner Р8/18/15 (Happy Anniversary to my honey!)
  35. Drink Dom Pérignon Р10/24/15
  36. Catch a fish – 9/20/16
  37. Write a letter to someone who has been a big influence to me
  38. Make bath bombs – 12/4/15
  39. Go on a wine tour – 9/15/15 (Santorini)
  40. Find a starfish
  41. Lay on my back and stare at the stars for an hour
  42. Watch my little brother marry the love of his life
  43. Draw every day for 20 days in a row
  44. Paint a gigantic painting – 10/4/15
  45. Lose $100 playing craps – 9/13/15
  46. See the Liberty Bell Р4/12/15
  47. Snorkel Р3/17/16
  48. Splash my husband with water from the ocean (watch out BUDDY!) – 3/17/16
  49. Get an article published Р8/21/15
  50. Learn how to make Indian butter chicken from scratch
  51. Meditate
  52. Take my dogs for a walk in the forest (if taking your dog for a walk in the forest counts as pottying them, I am queen of Dante 50 circle forest walks) – 2016
  53. Participate in a book club (with required reading ūüėČ )
  54. Grow tomatoes  РLuckily my mom helped keep them alive while I was in the hospital 8/28/16
  55. Spend a whole day in bed reading a book – 11/3/15
  56. Go to a dollar movie
  57. Have my palm read Р4/12/15
  58. Make my own beer Р5/17/16
  59. Pay for a strangers groceries
  60. Make homemade ravioli
  61. Send flowers to someone unexpectedly – 11/6/15
  62. Have a picnic
  63. Go to an outdoor concert
  64. Pass on a family heirloom
  65. Attend a Broadway Show Р6/18/15
  66. Make it so my husband smiles nonstop all day Р 11/20/15
  67. Take a week off of technology
  68. Sleep in a hammock
  69. Put together a fireworks show – 7/3/15
  70. Dress up in a beautiful dress and go to a fancy dinner – 9/13/15
  71. Have a movie marathon and eat popcorn
  72. Rekindle an old friendship
  73. Mentor someone
  74. Surprise my dad with something special
  75. Ride a horse
  76. Fulfill a child’s wish
  77. Fly first class 6/8/15
  78. Do something kind and unexpected for a stranger
  79. See a ballet
  80. Pick a bouquet of flowers 6/28/15
  81. Raise money for metastatic breast cancer research 4/17/15 РI started a store with blog gear to raise funds for metastatic research Р10/30/15 РSet up a campaign for everyone to change Amazon Smile to support Metavivor
  82. Go see an elephant – 5/16/16
  83. Take my niece to a painting class Р9/21/15 (taught one instead because I am creative like that)
  84. Take my other niece to high tea 3/20/15
  85. Take my nephew to the museum
  86. Find a four leaf clover
  87. Fly in a hot air balloon
  88. Eat breakfast in bed¬†– Done this a few times. Mike bring me a tray with Egg McMuffin wins though ūüėČ
  89. Go down a zip line
  90. Spend a day with my mom doing whatever she wants to d0 – 2/4/16
  91. Make fish faces at fish – 3/19/16
  92. Wish on a falling star
  93. Go on a hike in the mountains
  94. Ride in a helicopter – 5/8/15
  95. Attend a murder mystery dinner – 8/14/15
  96. Make a recipe book with my favorite recipes
  97. Visit a cave
  98. See the redwoods in California
  99. Laugh so hard I cry – 7/29/15
  100. Yoga 30 days in a row – 2/26/16 (I didn’t make a full 30 days, I tried, I got close enough to leave me satisfied)
  101. Make a memory quilt
  102. Live in a beach cottage for a week – 3/18/16
  103. Own a set of real life nice chef’s knives
  104. Hold my husband’s hand on a bridge¬†– 9/5/15
  105. Blow bubbles barefoot on the grass
  106. Bring treats to everyone in chemo¬†–¬†12/30/12 Huntsman Waiting Rooms and Infusion Area – 4/19/17 Infusion Rooms
  107. Learn how to blow glass
  108. Partake in a Japanese tea ceremony
  109. Buy a fabulous new pair of sunglasses – 8/13/15
  110. Make a terrarium – 4/22/15
  111. Go to a cocktail party – 4/18/15 Rack Pack Martini Bash
  112. Paint my toenails blue – Completed many times because Michelle brought me pretty blue polish
  113. Make hot chocolate from scratch
  114. Tickle baby toes – 5/31/15
  115. Have a slumber party – 10/24/15
  116. Dance in the rain – 8/7/15
  117. Find a seashell on the beach – 3/20/16
  118. Have my picture taken with a buffalo
  119. Host a dinner party with multiple courses – 8/14/15
  120. Take a cooking class – 10/8/15 with Chef Irvine himself
  121. Go to New Zealand
  122. Roast my own coffee
  123. Go to an archeaological dig – 9/6/15
  124. Make my own mozzarella cheese – 8/4/15
  125. Go to the top of the mountain and scream “I am queen of the mountain”
  126. Be in a parade
  127. Get to 20k steps in a day on my pedometer – 9/19/15 (got lost in Istanbul :D)
  128. Try a rare fruit I have never tasted before – 9/21/15
  129. Go rafting – 5/20/15
  130. Decorate blown eggs
  131. Write a letter to myself to be opened in a year
  132. Write letters to my family to be opened in 10 years
  133. Crochet someone a scarf
  134. Visit Lake Powell – 6/6/16
  135. See a live play
  136. Finish a Sketchbook Skool course (idea from ‘s #lifereboot column on Elle)
  137. Make origami – I have paper and a book, it is just waiting for my attention
  138. Grow a bonsai tree (planted, just a seedling right now – that died, must start over)
  139. Get a tattoo – 8/12/15
  140. Visit a castle
  141. Ride in a kayak
  142. Stand under a waterfall
  143. See an active volcano
  144. Swim in an infinity pool
  145. Have a spa day
  146. Ride on a segway
  147. Have a campfire on the beach – 5/21/16
  148. Watch turtles hatch and run into the ocean
  149. Sing Karaoke (I have had opportunities, this one scares me, I am a terrible singer)
  150. Have chocolate fondue
  151. Run through the sprinklers
  152. Write a book
  153. See a whale swimming in the ocean
  154. Cross stich Р7/15/15
  155. Go on my first cruise – 9/10/15
  156. Get a puppy for my husband – 12/1/15
  157. Ride in a limo – 11/6/15
  158. Take a boat tour in a swamp
  159. See the Statue of Liberty – 10/27/15
  160. Try funnel cake Р9/17/16
  161. Walk across the Golden Gate bridge
  162. Kiss under mistletoe
  163. Write a list of 101 things that make me happy
  164. Go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando
  165. Bake a homemade cake, without a mix
  166. Have a seafood boil – 1/10/16
  167. Take a week off of social media – 3/18/16

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