10 Signs You Are Battling Breast Cancer

Pink ribbons are on everything!

Just being somewhat silly today while I rest for a moment. I am feeling pretty good so far on day 2 after my first chemo treatment. I had my first Neulasta shot this morning to boost up my immune system. The anti nausea medications seem to be doing their job fairly well! I am finding that regular small snacks are helping keep my tummy settled a bit (which may mean I am going to be a breast cancer “weight gainer” rather than “weight loser” – but one of my medications increases appetite). Some smells get to me, but I don’t have the metal mouth tastebuds yet (maybe somehow I magically never will!).

This morning I was thinking through little things I have noticed going through breast cancer so far and thought I would share:

  1. Even if you don’t like the color pink, you discover yourself owning many more pink items than you ever thought you would.
  2. Your breasts are a topic of everyday conversation.
  3. You think a hospital gown is always supposed to open in the front.
  4. You lose all fear of 50 random strangers carefully looking and and poking at your breasts.
  5. Your husband doesn’t feel the need to injure the 50 random strangers looking at and poking at your breasts.
  6. You know what Her2Neu is, and hormones bring on a whole new meaning.
  7. You know what a cranial prosthesis is, and may even own one or two.
  8. You may know at least 3 techniques for managing to get dressed, showered and deal with surgical drains.
  9. You may learn that chemo isn’t the bad guy, the cancer is.
  10. You have learned a whole new meaning to the kindness of family, friends and strangers (this one isn’t silly, but something you learn at a whole new level).


Author: Mandi

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