Death to the Spirometer

It is true, I am planning destructive mayhem for my “Incentive Spirometer” I am not sure if I should be attempting to light things on fire or create small combustible piles of destruction in my medicated state, but this thing is up for its own demise in the coming days when Mike is not looking. Imagine open wounds on your chest (ok “open wounds” is a big exaggeration here, but there are wounds), held down with a 5 lb weight and then being told to suck in really hard – yes, I believe they should be using this form of torture in war. I am not sure the UN would sanctionize it though… (this could also be partially to blame for my oxygen issues as I wasn’t taking deep enough breaths for my body to get the oxygen it needed – which is why it still needed work). I hate that thing, grrrrr.

On death row

I am in the process of cutting back pain killers as much as I can during the day time so that I am on IB Profin by Monday so that I can work (sadly the “good stuff”) isn’t really messing me up much anyway. The pain is fairly manageable now, and only really an issue at night. Mike had to drive me up to Huntsman this morning to get a refill because they only give you a 3 day dose after surgery – and they can’t call in narcotics to other pharmacies due to some recent law changes. I got all bundled up in a warm hat one of my step-sister’s friend made me, a scarf and my XXL sweatshirt and headed on over to get my medications (I looked beeeooootiful, no other words to describe it 😉 ). Mike and I also went to the grocery store so that I could get more smoothie supplies (smoothies are how I am trying to pack in extra fruits and nutrition into my healing diet), and some other necessities, and we went to Rite Aid to fill a few more prescriptions (I feel like a walking medicine cabinet).

So, for those that have not seen them, surgical drains don’t make a lot of sense. Mike had received help from the pharmacist at Rite Aid in locating a piece of velcro I could use around my waist (she wasn’t sure how I intended to use them for my drains). I went ahead and cleared them the best I could and had Mike take a picture on how these hang around my waist.

Please note pudgy belly, everyone has been feeding Mandi real good.

These are attached up on each side of my breasts draining the surgical area. Gross, yes, a pain in the butt, yes, absolutely necessary – they better be…! It isn’t just the drains themselves that are a bit dangerous, but all of that tubing! Getting up fast is not allowed, otherwise I pull on a tube and Mike has to get me to calm back down.

We have received lots of beautiful flowers, gifts and meals from friends, family and coworkers. We appreciate all of your love and support. A few people asked what types of “useful” items we will be needing in the coming months – I created an Amazon Wishlist where I have been listing some of the various items that have come up that will be useful to me in the coming year (I will keep adding to it also – some of it shows up in the right hand side of the website). Thanks for everyone’s love and support!.

Author: Mandi

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