Getting Wiggy With It

My mom and I went ahead and did the “cranial prosthesis” shopping, aka wig shopping. The store we went to actually had a lot of very nice looking wigs – we discovered that the wigs tend to show off a full head of hair. I have always had pretty thin hair, so they looked a bit funny. We stopped shopping brunette pretty quickly (dark hair and skin that doesn’t tan = ghostly white, just doesn’t look great on me).

The "Sharon" wig (Ozzy Osborn's wife)

The cute little blonde curls were a little too much for me, so I had to bring out my wild side.

I need to dye my wiggy roots.

Hmmm, sweet, but maybe too innocent.

I could be on the Brady Bunch I promise.

Look at those banging bangs.

This wig practically makes me look like another person, wait it is another person, my mom decided to go blonde.

If only I really could grow hair this long and luxurious.

The one that I purchased was the one that made me feel like I looked the most like “me.” This sort of threw off the ladies that ran the store because my hair is so short and much darker right now.

The wig I bought, makes me look just a little more like "me"

We also learned why you need a prescription – a cheaper wig is about $100, a good wig is over $300.. free online pokie games australia

Author: Mandi

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