Fabulous Top Friday

We are opening a disco this Friday at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Every other day of radiation I get to wear a “chain mail bolus” as they call it. The radiation therapist calls it the “fabulous top” and today was “fabulous top Friday” as she calls it (this would be the same one that offered to sign her artwork). I am one of their last appointments of the day, so they tend to be giddy when I come in, very careful, but giddy.

It is a sparkly top that changes the depth of the radiation to bring it closer to the skin. The bottom of the machine has a couple of stickers on it, one of a cat, one of a dog and some stars. I am not sure who put them there and why they are there, but I stare at them every time I come in. The machine is rotated around me into three different positions and metal rods on the inside open and close to change the window that the beam comes out. I get a total of 5 zaps.

Photos as promised:

The lean mean radiation beam machine.

The sparkly top on what appears to be a gigantic fake boob. This is the machine at the angle that attempts to wack my funny bone.

This is how the room actually is when they turn on the machine (it is dark) and you can see the lasers that they use to line me up.


Author: Mandi

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