Summer is Here!

Combating menopause one spray at a time.

It has been a wet spring, and we were all starting to wonder if it was going to actually become summer. Summer has finally decided to show its face in Salt Lake City, so it is hot hot hot (we don’t have humidity here, so it is a dry hot).

Several days after surgery I like to start to test the theory on when I can stop taking painkillers, because stopping them means I can drive. Whether or not I actually drive is another story, but the ability to drive makes me feel a lot less claustrophobic. I am mostly weened off the things, but have to be pretty careful on what I do so that I don’t aggravate where the muscle has been attached inside my chest (that area can get pretty sore if I am not careful – and it is where the dreaded drain is located that may decide to be difficult on when I get to have it out).

Recovery so far on this surgery is definitely much more than any of the previous surgeries. I get winded taking a shower. I am exhausted walking 100 yards. I have mostly been in bed, so I imagine it is going to take me a bit to get my stamina back once I am past the two week mark and can be a little more active (3 weeks and I probably can start exercising again). The incisions that I can see look like they are healing nicely, I need to ask the doctor how long I am going to have “side boob,” where they tunnel the muscle under the arm pokes out a bit so my arm can’t lay flat against my side. It looks like my boob is wrapped around my side. My understanding is that it will actually be about a year before the muscle really learns to be a breast rather than a back muscle (I seriously want to know who they convinced to be their test subject on these surgeries!).

Flowering tree in front of our house.

This past week I did get out for a few hours here and there. My little brother took me to Huntsman Cancer Institute to get my drains removed and I was able to go out to lunch with him. I have to eat left handed, which makes me look kind of funny since I am right handed. The nurse told me that they chat about me all of the time and I am one of their favorite patients (how awesome am I? Haha, the nurses say I tend to be a lot more energetic and goofy than their other patients. Although they have seen me in tears plenty of times when I have had all of the surgical complications). My friend Michelle came and hung out with me, we went to lunch and picked up my prescriptions. We spent hours on the back porch with our newly purchased heat combating arsenal known as spray bottles with fans attached to them. This fan has been the best thing ever for my hot flashes, and makes it easier for me to spend time outside enjoying summer..

Author: Mandi

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