Chemo Has Been Canceled

Ok… so in my last post I noted that they told me to avoid rugs, but that was not my actual doctor. My Oncologist got the information about the extent of the neuropathy (I have symptoms beyond my fingers and toes, they don’t like that very much apparently). My Oncologist cancelled my final Taxol treatment (which means I don’t get sung to or get my fancy graduation certificate, which is the whole reason I did chemo in the first place), and will give it to me if I really want it, but her recommendation is that I have had 7 good heavy chemo treatments and that will do the trick. My immediate response was “what if that one treatment is what I needed to kill the cancer?” So I am nervous and scared, but I have also been worried that this tingling and numbness is here to stay (most of the time it goes away after several months), but what if it gets worse and permanent?

So… now, do I have them do it and risk the nerve damage? Do I see if I can move up my surgery? or do I delay my surgery now and finish radiation?.

Author: Mandi

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