Certified Numero Uno Bra Stuffer Extraordinaire

The "old fashioned" way.

Monday I got permission from the plastic surgeon to stuff my bra. Mind you, I haven’t worn a bra in almost 4 months because I couldn’t have anything rubbing on the stitches and the old mastectomy incision line. Now that that issue is no longer there the doc gave me the A+ to stuff away with soft things. If my situation were to be extended you can get an actual prosthetic that weighs and feels like a normal breast, but I can’t have anything heavy sitting on the stitches, and I will be getting the expander put back in about the same time I would be able to get a prosthetic.

I had bought some wireless bras in hopes of being able to wear them in a previous life (that was a few months ago, and no, they don’t get wifi). I pulled them out this week and found the cotton stuffed inserts that came with my top built to manage surgical drains that I bought for my mastectomy. The cotton stuffing comes out so that you can size and resize as necessary (as the saline fluid goes in one side, the cotton will go in the other).

My mom was cleaning out her closet this week for her move and gave me a bunch of tops that work great with my freshly stuffed bust (she is, ahem, larger than I so the shirts have more breathing room in the vicinity of the breasts). Amazingly, adding a bit of shape to that side has made me feel a million times better and more confident. It seems sad that a little stuffing would go such a long way in my personal confidence, but these are those little things you learn along the way in the breast cancer journey.

The good news is I am comfortable in clothes again, the bad news is I have nueropathy from the Taxol. With my previous infusions I would get a little numbness and tingling in my fingers that would come and go like your limb falling asleep because it was in the same position too long. Wednesday my finger were tingling and it has been around for over 24 hours now. I have it in my toes and legs too now that the pain is starting to go away I can tell that part of my difficulties related to walking were due to my legs and toes being tingly and numb. The bummer deal with neuropathy is there is the possibility that it goes away next week, in a few months or it can be permanent. The doctor’s response is more along the lines of stay away from sharp objects and wear shoes. They also suggested I get rid of area rugs so that I don’t trip over them. Greeee-aaaat.

Speaking of stitches, today marks the 82nd day that I have had stitches so far this year. 82 DAYS (the first stitches went in on March 7)! I should be crowned stitch queen right after I get my bra-stuffer badge, but I already did claim to be queen of surgery..

Author: Mandi

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