Tumor Markers are Not My Friend

I didn’t feel like going up and getting my tumor markers before my appointment and now I wish I had. a 30 point jump this last go is a good spike (It has been creeping 10 points or so and now a big one). We added a new marker to watch, but have nothing to compare it to.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.32.52 AM

Maybe I should get an award for an all time high in cancer activity in my body. Not sure I want to stand on stage for this one. “I would like to that the nasty little brat cancer cells growing in my body, thank you for reading my breast cancer blog… and thanks to the academy.” Ummm… no…

My oncologist is ready to start looking at the next form of treatment. The most likely on the list is Kadcycla also known by its study name TDM-1. Which is a HER2 treatment.

I can’t dive into study zone with an MRI that shows a lot of brain activity. We are talking about waiting until after my next MRI, although I don’t expect that to come back with “no growth” I just expect it to come back with a clear indication on where we will radiate next in my brain and how. It also means 2 more Taxotere infusions – but I would be up for another PET-CT, so we would start from scratch on where I am when we start the next thing. It just seems like an awfully long time to wait (of course we have to wait out the infusion I had yesterday).

So it means I probably need to stick to tried and true treatments. Kadcycla is considered to cross the blood brain barrier and I imagine an estrogren blocker will go back in (maybe time to try the ol’ Affinitor again). This also means I will grow hair again.

My pen pal (my oncologist) and I are writing. Decisions will be made. I’ll update when I know more.

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Author: Mandi

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