The Merry-Go-Round

The problem with cancer sometimes is that you don’t actually feel sick, so it can be hard to realize that you really are sick. All I have is some back pain (which I am queen at, let me tell you… my employees lecture me about my attempts to do yard work or rake leaves… or any of those things that seems to result in an injured Mandi because I am apparently a total weenie). Last time I did a lot of weeding I did break out in a full body rash, so I figure at this point I AM allergic to yard work.

This week has been full of the ups and the downs. Maybe a few more downs. I forget how crappy the process of telling people can be. I actually have worked a fair share this week, more from home than the office, because I really don’t want people to see me cry.

I have been mostly trying to get the next round of appointments scheduled.

My radiologist ended up having a conflict when we originally had my appointment scheduled, but they realized that they wanted me to get my biopsy done before I actually get radiated. Sort of made sense…

The biopsy scheduling lady seemed to be having a hard time tracking all of the important components to get my appointment scheduled. She finally called me today with the plan (I may have called her… my nurse… her… my nurse… arrggghhh). Luckily she is a very nice and lovely lady.

Tuesday 14th: Biopsy – they decided to go for T7 which is the tumor that showed up in my chest CT (yes, this is a small surgery… they have to get into my spine to get some of those cancer cells out)
Wednesday 15th: Radiology oncology consultation. This is mostly for the spine and pain control.
Tuesday 21st: Hematology oncology consultation (once my oncologist knows what the breast cancer cells look like now, they can plan what my first round of treatment looks like)

So, here we go, all the way around… Seeing most everybody. A surgeon, a radiologist and my oncologist. All in a week.

At least this happened:


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