2013, The Year of the Scans

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So, last year I stuffed all of this extra money into my health savings account expecting to be scanned left and right and up and down and back and forth and that wasn’t really how it worked out. I had a couple of ultrasounds, a bone scan and one mighty fine year. Not needing the money was fine, except that account is “use it or lose it” so I lost it… this year I was wise and put just barely enough money in there for prescriptions. Haha. Just makes me laugh (we were able to double insure me mid way through treatment, so having two insurance companies picking up the tab certainly helps, just my planning sucks).

I have been keeping myself busy with bumpy lumpies, now it is time to look at the mess sitting underneath. Friday is my lung CT. 1 clear x-ray, 1 week of allergy medication, 2 rounds of antibiotics, 1 round of steroids, a clear asthma test and 2 weeks on an inhaler and I am still a ball full of cough-ness and fatigue (and sunshine, loads of sunshine and happiness). I didn’t push it (I was scared to), I followed up with my GP as she requested, and she felt this was the next course of action after my asthma test. Circling back with my oncology team they agreed and here we are.

Still waiting on those MRI results…

On a happier note, I find out if I won the cool award for women in technology that I was a finalist for on Thursday. Being a finalist was a super big honor, and I find out in front of 600 people which is a little scary. Wish me luck! 🙂

P.S. Catherine whom I love and adore has a Kickstarter going on and I think we should continue to help her surpass her original goal to fund her first novel. Read about it here or click on the image above..

Author: Mandi

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