A Darker Shade of Bald

It is true, I am a darker shade of bald. I bet you didn’t know that there are multiple shades of bald. It is ok, neither did I until I was doing my morning close inspection of my bald head and noted that it was definitely a darker shade. Hair is starting to come in “other places” where I lost it first (I am a gentlewoman and won’t give more detail about where, I am sure you can figure it out 😉 ). My head was next on the lose hair list. I know it will take awhile before the full head of hair comes in, but for now, a darker shade of bald is pretty exciting!

I am pretty much always running around bald this past week. Hats + hot weather + hot flashes + percocets make me swoon. Mike set up a fan in the bedroom that points at me and runs all day long. I have been a good patient and have kept myself mostly bed bound since I got home Friday. Part of that is because bed is really the only comfortable place for me to sit for long periods of time due to the incision on my back, which I can lay on top of comfortably in bed (memory foam on top of a pillow top makes for a nice squishy spot to lay down in). I am slowly starting to be able to sit other places a little more each day.

We have had a good week of visiting with family and friends. I appreciate everyone that has been feeding us! I am impatiently waiting the day I can cook again (which has been fairly limited since January with all of the surgeries). I am excited to have a break from surgery for 5 months (the lat flap on my left side and swapping the breast expanders with silicone won’t happen until December).

I am waiting to schedule radiation until I get my drains out and have the opportunity to expand the new breast on my right side to match my left – because changing my body after they have mapped me for radiation is a bit of a no-no (they map to avoid important things like your heart and lungs). My plastic surgeon wants me to get all of my drains out first also (I got 2 out today, the next 2 will probably come out next Wednesday). So, for now I heal and wait, and hopefully get an even darker shade of bald..

Author: Mandi

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