My Bags Are Packed

Hope everyone is thirsty, I am making LOTS of lemonade.

It seems that I am not going to win the battle with my incision. The plastic surgeon has done everything within his power to avoid surgery, but this time I guess it is just meant to happen.

Today I was working out of the office with some of my team, and I started to experience sharp pain in my legs, back and arms. Monday had been a pretty bad pain day on Taxol and I thought maybe I was just battling Taxol pains. I was a bit confused as by now I should be on the up and up related to chemo side effects. I went home early and was in so much pain my knees buckled. I took a Lortab and laid down in bed, I felt my forehead and realized I was running a fever. The fever came out to be 99.8, I had been taking IB Profin all day and running a fever on IB Profin wasn’t a good sign.

I called my oncologist’s office thinking maybe I had strep throat (my little brother had it and it seems to be going around). I went to check my incision and discovered that a couple of the steri strips had popped open and underneath was puss on the incision line. I called the plastic surgeon’s office (I don’t need to say my last name, they know who I am) and the nurse was on the hopeful side that it was just maybe something cause by the steri strips and told me to wash it, coat it with bacitracin and some see her before my appointment with the radiologist in the morning. When I washed off the area I saw the familiar looking hole that I have seen several times before (this time in a different spot) and it was oozing, it has never oozed like this before.

I hate to be the pessimist, but I just know tomorrow I get the surgery to have the expander removed (if they can squeeze me in). If not I will plan on Friday, we will see. I will be super excited if I get to tell everyone I guessed wrong, but this time it appears to be the real thing (not iffy like before). I am not sure if I will get hospitalized with the infection or of this will be another surgery where they send me home right after. I will update my Facebook page once I have more information tomorrow:

My hospital bags are packed for a stay, you can never be overprepared. One day at a time it seems, one day at a time….

Author: Mandi

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