Smoothie Finger Paintings – First Taxol Treatment

Dad and I.

Today will forever be famous for the smoothie incident. They put me in a chair with a different kind of side tray than I am used to, meaning I hadn’t put it up properly, Dereck was on smoothie duty and got my blueberry smootie. My dad and I set ours down on the tray and BAM! They fell straight to the floor (along with my cell phone, so let’s keep that one just between us, Mike doesn’t need to know that it landed in a sticky puddle of a pink and a purple smoothie floor art masterpiece).  The nurse mentioned that it would have been great for finger painting, although our fellow infusion roommates may not have cared for a smoothie finger painting fiesta. Plus we had more important things to do, like chemo.

The had me take five steroid pills last night that luckily didn’t have much of an effect on me. I met with my oncologist who was worried about all of the incision healing issues that I have had and wondered if we should delay chemo (now that I am in the middle of treatments). The doctor had pretty much told me in my last appointment that I was as healed as I was going to get at this point (unless there is a real infection under there, but the pink is gone and everything is looking good).

Check out my t-shirt.

They decided that I could go ahead and start me on Taxol, plus after the first time I won’t be on a regimen that includes steroids for 5 days like I did with AC. This should give me more healing time on my good days and hopefully my recent surgical issues will be a distant memory.

This has been the most I have worked on an infusion day, but deadlines and important things going on that need my attention, so it is what it is. Always having a computer and free Wifi makes it hard not to!

The Benadryl and chemo are slowly starting to take effect and make me sleepy (they told me it would be a battle between the steroids and the Benadryl to see if I will stay awake or asleep). I am sure I will sleep like a baby tonight afterward. This one will be new for me side effects wise. They told me the most common is bone and joint pain along with tingling and numbness in my fingers and toes (wooohoo?). I will play it by ear though, you just never really know what is coming.

My fancy schmancy IV purse.

They called me and increased my antibiotic dose again, I didn’t have enough Vancomycin in my blood tests after the first set, they increased it and it was still too low after the second set of blood tests. So my guess is that this will make it 3-4 hours each time twice a day (so people at work and at our house will get to enjoy my fine blue IV purse that is the envy of every woman this spring).

5 out of 8 (almost) done! I have about an hour left. 🙂.

Author: Mandi

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