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Partying Pirates at Dereck's housewarming/birthday party this weekend.

I had my two week post operative “Surgery Surprise” visit with the plastic surgeon today. I honestly tried to have very little expectations about the visit as I just haven’t a clue on how to gauge the progress since the surgery, nor have I ventured to guess after so many ups and downs since my bilateral mastectomy. Mike even came with me to my appointment today due to my last appointment developing into an unexpected surgery, and figured it may be best to be on hand for whatever the visit entailed.

I arrived nice and early at the Huntsman Cancer Institute (although I am not a morning person, but I like being one of the first patients of the day as it helps me get out of there and get to the office). My drain decided to be a bit of a challenge last Friday and I have been manually squishing it down all weekend (which makes the thing poke out a bit more and an adventure to hide). It would like to puff back up so I have been wandering around with a big balloon/grenade hanging off my side for a bit. Luckily the doctor decided to take away my squishy today (although on this occasion I did not push for it, I was fine keeping it if necessary).

In addition to taking away the dreaded drain I had my first opportunity for expansion. They normally start this two weeks after your mastectomy, and I was actually getting fluid put in my breasts today rather than being taken out. They added some to my right side where they had deflated to put less tension on the new incision. So they sort of balanced me back out again (tank tops may again be in my near future).

This was exciting! Progress! Everything with the surgery has felt like backsliding of one issue after another and for once we seemed to move in a forward cohesive motion that tickled me to my toes. I am by no means out of the water or the trouble zone on this puppy healing, but I am scheduled for another expansion next week and the possibility of getting my stitches out in two weeks! Fingers and toes will remain crossed at all times..

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