Fevers and Races

The breast cancer adventure continues this week. Yesterday I had a pretty bad headache all day and realized that I should check my temperature when I got home from work. I came in at 99.6. I definitely had a fever, but a low grade one which could be caused by just about anything. Paired with that was the fact that the area around my stitches had graduated from happy normal skin to red and mad skin.

The fever stuck around until mid morning today. After about 10:00 AM I was back to a normal temperature, but the area around the stitches started leaking clear fluid out of the main incision (story of my life with this thing). My white blood cell count isn’t quite back to normal yet so what really is going on is a bit up in the air.

I have an appointment to see the plastic surgeon tomorrow morning, hopefully we are catching issues before they are a real issue (I am the worst case scenario patient to him it seems). My fingers are crossed that I am worrying too much and that this isn’t an infection.

The Elemonators

Some super awesome ladies from work wanted to do something to help raise money for breast cancer research after they found out about me having cancer. They set up a team for the Komen Race for the Cure, my fundraiser page is here. The Elemonators team page is here. If you would like to run, please feel free to sign up! The girls have a great idea to get some pink camo shirts with a lemon patch on the sleeve. They are still working out the details on teamwear, but it should be pretty awesome!

I will be there supporting the team, the race is the day after my chemo infusion, so I may not be able to walk or run the race, but I will be on the sidelines cheering in my pink camo! Please feel free to offer a tax deductible contribution or sign up to join us!

Update 3/23/11: The doctor confirmed that it looks like I am going down the road of getting an infection. I now am back on antibiotics and antibiotic ointment. I have to go in weekly now for checkups, if it gets any worse I will be forced to have the expander removed for the rest of my chemo treatment..

Author: Mandi

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