I am Holey

My Aunt Lalove and I at Huntsman.

The wound that was supposed to possibly heal a bit slower turned into an outright hole instead. My breast went ahead and opened up where the sore was, unfortunately it opened up all of the way to the tissue that the breast expander is in (essentially open all of the way through). I managed to get in to see the nurse this morning and they were able to get the plastic surgeon to look at it.

Chemo can essentially halt the healing process, but the plastic surgeon is hoping to stitch up the incision Monday morning, and cross our fingers that it will stay shut through the rest of chemo. He went ahead and used the external sutures and got the pressure off of the hole (it is held closed now, which is a relief because I was extremely stressed about popping it open more).

I have never had a doctor, nurse or associated medical professional hand me a prescription and say that they don’t know a single person who has not received severe diarrhea from it. I believe “sudden and unexpected” were terms also used. The prescription was for antibiotics that a horse would be challenged to swallow (they are HUGE!).

I am supposed to try to keep the wound clean and infection free and wait… so I am back to moving around as little as possible, resting and healing. I have been a bit more exhausted the last couple of days from the chemo, so it may be a little easier to sit still. I will be going in to hopefully get stitches at 7:30 AM Monday. They wanted to wait until Monday for various reasons including trying to get the bacteria out because they were in messing with it today (thus horse pills).

The good part of today was that I ran into my Aunt Lalove at Huntsman. She was there for her year follow up appointment (she also had a fun time with her incision similar to mine). I am hoping a little bit of her “hole healing” luck rubbed off on me today. She looked quite lovely, and look at our hair! Just about the same, with hers on the way in and mine on the way out..

Author: Mandi

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