I am Juicy

Not this kind of juicy...

Literally… My body is one of the special ones that just doesn’t know when to quit. My drain output was just low enough for a few days to get them out (there is a fine balance in leaving them in too long and risking infection and taking them out too soon and being juicy). I have a “seroma” which is a ball of fluid in my left breast. This is common, but mine went from a little build up to ridiculously uncomfortable and has pretty much cut down my activity levels this week (and made me pretty bummed, which makes my husband bummed, so this makes a lot of bums at my house). Each time I get up or move I can feel this big ball of fluid swing around inside of me when I have it bandaged (which is a really disturbing feeling). If I don’t have it bandaged it gets really uncomfortable and swollen around the surgery sites.

My right side has continued to leak out of the main surgical incision, today it has been going on long after my shower (usually it was just a little bit when wet). Mike has me on lockdown for the next few days. I have to sit on my butt and heal, which means I will probably get a few books done on the Kindle. Being active makes you juicier, and could be causing the problems with my incision.

The previous two weeks of miracle healing decided undo themselves, I am not sure if it is because I have been back in the office at my desk or if I am just a lucky soul that has a body that battles the healing process. My desk was causing me some issues due to the angle I needed to hold my arm at to type, so we did put in a new keyboard set up. We will see what things look like next week to determine whether or not I live the next bit as a virtual or physical employee (I am much more exciting in person I swear).

Tomorrow I go in to see the plastic surgeon (after 3 phone calls to the nurses to make sure I wasn’t going to completely explode), I am ready for the doctor to resolve this issue one way or another. The nurse told me is that one possibility is that drains go back in (because I have been so uncomfortable), which makes me very unexcited… he may just aspirate it with a needle. I am hoping he just glues back up the other side and calls it good.Whether or not I start chemo depends on how healed I am. If I have drains in or excess fluids chemo will be delayed (chemo tends to not help your body heal… just one of those things). I really want to get chemo going, because the sooner it starts, the sooner it stops. 🙂

My guess is that I will probably not have my first expansion tomorrow, but I guess it is all up to the doctor, I just like to speculate A LOT. I should have more details tomorrow, but at the moment there is just a lot of speculation going on. Would be way cooler if I at least tasted like oranges (lemon juice is a little too bitter)..

Author: Mandi

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