Surgery is Over!

Surgery Mandi

I am writing this as I awaken from anesthesia… eee oooo eeee ooo. Ok, I wrote this before surgery so that Mike could post it for you when I am done with surgery. If this has been posted:

  • My operation was a complete success
  • I feel like total butt, because anesthesia sucks
  • Hopefully they gave me some good pain killers
  • Mike loves Mandi more than a fat kid loves cake

Mandi did excellent in her surgery according to her doctors. She is not in much pain which is a very good thing. This should make her recovery easier. We are now in her room waiting for them to drop her off to us. It’s been a long day, and we cant wait to see her.  Craig, Barb, Steve, and Dereck have all been here keeping me company and I appreciate all of them very much. I will continue to keep everyone posted as I have more information. -Mike (The Hubby).

Author: Mandi

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