There is One Size That Doesn’t Fit Mandi

Here I stand in a billowing gown of Huntsman oversized goodness.

It is strange to be excited about an appointment at Huntsman! Even though I get super jittery a couple of hours (or for the day before, depending on the appointment). Appointments mean information and information means progress.What I need right now is feeling like we are making the baby steps to recovery. Progress and information have been a blessing and a curse. Knowing is so much better than spending many hours “wondering.” I have a bit of a wild imagination.

Today I went in for a breast MRI (an entirely new experience for yours truly). They were a bit backed up, so we waited an extra 40 minutes to get in there. The nurses and staff were super nice while they placed me laying down with my breasts flapping in the breeze. The outfit that they gave me was the glorious one size fits all in a lovely baby blue, with white and gray accents.

The nurses called the scheduler today to let me know that she needed to get me in to meet an oncologist. This threw me a bit off as I had understood that I would not meet an oncologist until after my operation. This made me slightly nervous for good or for bad as my path was surgery, then chemo, and then possible radiation they could be switching me to chemo than surgery (chemo can be done before surgery if there is concern about the cancer spreading sooner and further, it is also using on occasion to shrink down the tumor before they pull it out). Who knows if it means anything more than they decided to get me working with the oncologist early. I am hoping that is where I get the details on whether or not I officially have a hormone receptive cancer (and which one for sure!). I am also expecting the results from the biopsy that I thought I would get today, my gut knows the answer, but it can’t quite sink in properly without the official word that says it is what is seemed like it was (essentially that the cancer has spread to lymph nodes and possibly more -> worst case scenario).

It sounds like I need a CT scan to get the idea if it has spread, but I am making assumptions based on what I can find on the internet. I am ready for a little more Mandi centric information/life planning overload right now.

So, yes, an uneventful visit (unless you count the fantastic fashion statement I made today). Hoping for more based on my email request for the hormone information, lymph node biopsy results and results from today’s MRI..

Author: Mandi

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