Bad Cancer Cells, Naughty Cells

Flowers from Laura <3

I got the phone call from my doctor today with the biopsy results. I have “grade 2 infiltrating ductal carcinoma with high grade in si tu.” Essentially I have naughty cancer cells, that are attacking their neighbors, but not the worst of the lot.

The video I received from Huntsman essentially told me with these results that I am guaranteed to have chemotherapy, and radiation is yet to be determined based on the surgery I choose and the location of the tumor. The sad news also is that there is a chance that I have had cancer for 5-10 years without knowing it (based on the size and growth rate of the tumor).

Bummer news is that I am in it for the long haul it seems. It looks like I am most likely stage one or two. I won’t know much more on that until after the surgery.

I managed to make it through the most of the work day in the office and got really exhausted around 3 PM, this emotional stuff is exhausting. Everyone at work was amazing, I am trying to cut back on a few high deadline/meeting oriented items off of my workload so that I can be a bit more unreliable (ugh, that makes me sad).

Good news for the day is that my brothers got that terrible toilet out of the bathtub! Yay! New clean one is sitting in my front room now getting ready to be set. I don’t have the energy to paint today like I had hoped. We won’t be tiling until this weekend, so I have a few more days to get that energy going..

Author: Mandi

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