Fixing up a Bathroom

Unfinished Bathroom

We have a bathroom that has been prepped to finish remodeling, it has sat unfinished for over a year. It happens to be the bathroom closest to our bedroom (these fancy old houses in South Salt Lake, Utah don’t come with one of those “master bathroom” thing-a-ma-gigs) and late last night I realized that I think I would really like to complete that bathroom in preparation for what is coming.I figured I can set this one up better for bathing and getting in and out of. If I get sick I won’t be making it so that Mike can’t use the restroom, and this one is just more convenient to get to.

So, whether we have the money or not I am going to get that bathroom done. I am probably going to check in with the bank on changing a few of our loans around to try to increase cash flow a little more with everything going on (maybe refinance my car into a lower car payment). I had started to save some money for a trip to Europe we were hoping to take this fall which will be dedicated to the now “finish the bathroom fun.” I am trying not to think too hard about finances, like a lot of younger couples, we don’t have the emergency nest egg that we should.

My mom came over and we spent the day picking out all of the tile and other items we need to finish the bathroom. We managed to get almost everything in one trip (including a new toilet, this fancy old one is getting thrown away, got to love it when plumbers put your toilet in the tub). It is now sitting in my car, my brothers are going to come help unload it all tomorrow into the front room so that it can be the construction zone. Hopefully with the new drywall, plumbing and electrical work already done, we can get the bathroom finished before I go in for surgery.

Next step: Paint! (A lovely shade or gray/blue)..

Author: Mandi

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