Wearing a Jane and Monthly Check-Ups

Yesterday was time for my monthly check-up with my oncologist. I am at the hospital twice a week for my intrathecal infusions, so I feel like I live there right now. My mom probably does too.

I was contacted by Sharon Linder the founder of http://www.GetJanes.com. I don’t share very many products on my blog, if I do it is something I can try that I think readers may like or something I can give away that I think readers will like. With hospitalizations and scans galore one thing I don’t love is the thin gowns that I have to hold shut to my chest or drown me so that my mom giggles at how goofy I look.


Sharon’s sister and mom are breast cancer survivors. Shortly after she shipped out her first shipment of Janes she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She had the unfortunate experience of surgery, chemo and radiation. She did get the opportunity to field test her Janes (although I am sure she would have been just as happy to get great feedback from others on it, at least I would!).


I got my Jane the day before my appointment and I marveled at the soft waffle weave of the fabric. I wore it to my appointment yesterday (half the time I am a grouch and don’t change into my gown, but that is usually when I know things are going great or I just had my PET done and there isn’t much to venture for).  With my aches and pains seeming to be acting up and my constant – is that cancer or is that winter – I changed into my new gown.

My oncologist liked it (she even offered to take my photo for my blog, but my dad had already taken some photos, hehe). Her only challenge is that she likes patients to wear their gown backwards so she has an easier time lifting it (I had to hop around to get it off my bottom so she could get it up). I think she is the only oncologist that does that though.

I will be interested to see if I can bring it into my MRI appointments (those are long and uncomfortable. They are scanning most of my spine and my brain these days). I am not looking forward to any form of radiation, but that is when I remember hating my gown the most.

Through November 15 you can get 20% off a Jane using Awareness20 – 2% of each gown also is donated to fund mammograms for under-served women.

I got my tumor markers back today and they opted to do another 30 point jump, so now we are trying to get me in for my PET-CT. The request went out weeks ago, so I am not sure what the delay is. We were going to do it right around when we were doing my MRI, but if we have to change treatment this may help. We are also going back and forth on biopsies and what will give us a good answer on next course of treatment. The last few treatments have failed me (how about the whole year, ugh).

A constant increase in tumor markers all year.

A constant increase in tumor markers all year.

This post was not sponsored (I wasn’t paid to post anything), I did receive a free Jane for my consideration. 🙂

Author: Mandi

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