Bad Tumor Markers, Go Sit in the Corner

Maybe I hang my hat on tumor markers a bit too much, but I had high hopes that Xeloda was going to give me a break from jumping from treatment to treatment. This year we have done Taxotere, Kadcyla and Xeloda and watched my tumor markers spike up. Here is the graph for this year alone:


Here is the chart from my diagnosis with stage IV breast cancer:


I have seen Xeloda work miracles for so many people, I am going to be bummed out if it just doesn’t want to work for me. My pain has been increasing and so has my fatigue. I was hoping this was just treatment doing its job, but who knows. If my scans didn’t match my markers so well this wouldn’t bum me out so much, we were getting used to good news and had actually expected good news for once.

We haven’t had my two tests in a row of clear CSF that would allow me to cut back on Topotecan, but the pathology department has been behind, so we will see how my cerebral spinal fluid looks when they get caught up. My PET-CT is going to be next month, sometime around when my MRI is scheduled. One day at a time, one day at a time…

Author: Mandi

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