Adventures in Vlogging

I am pretty fired at remembering to take my camera places, so my first week of vlogging is me, at home, with the dogs. This is the week that I shaved my head, I went back and forth and the really weird lack of hair on both sides of my head was the final decision maker. Of course I realized later that I could totally have kept a mohawk – but I think of these things when it is too late!

I grabbed a clip when Mike was shaving my head (genius me, I forgot to turn on the camera until I was almost done shaving everything). We also won’t talk about how many times I thought the camera was running, but it wasn’t.

I put together my first vlog. It feels awkward, but I figure I will get better at it with time. I am a newbie! Mike made the music.

I have a mugga this Friday to make sure I can start HER2+ medications next week. I have a brain MRI on Monday to see what my brain metastases are up to (especially now that we have that new clump that they were worried were lepto-meningeal mets). Chemo is next week (with hopefully Perjeta and Herceptin), my tumor markers dropped

Author: Mandi

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