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I haven’t been feeling super great the last few days. I feel like I should be feeling AMAZING, since I have done yoga for 14 of the last 15 days. Which does help with energy and mood a lot. Pain too, strangely. I have to be careful not to aggravate my back and adjust some moves. I have been doing a lot of restorative, gentle and beginner yoga stuff to help me through breast cancer treatment. Several ladies have joined me in #TheMandiList 30 days of yoga challenge. It has been hard, but worth it. The camaraderie helps me stay on track, which is great!

Today was my 3 week check-in with my oncologist and my 2nd Taxotere infusion. I had a chat with her about what how she feels about me going to Burning Man this fall and she told me I SHOULD go have the fun experience and they can adjust my medications and make things work around it. So #TheMandiList Burning Man 2016 is a plan! I was videotaping her permission, but I screwed up taping it, which sucked because it was hi-lar-ious.

I am pulling out handfuls of hair, but still look like I have hair, so I haven’t hit the shave/no shave phase yet (usually I shave when we reach handfuls, but I am seeing what happens). I can’t wear product on it since it tugs at my scalp, so I am just plane ol’ curly Mandi.

Taxotere round 2 this go (10 total).

Taxotere round 2 this go (10 total).

Speaking of video. Mike got me a camcorder for Valentine’s day that is popular for Vlogging so I can try to capture more of my life on video (I already like to take a lot of photos). I get it Monday, I am going to have to unlearn my camera shyness and become a video goofy face so that at least Mike can make fun of me. My friend has ideas and a plan for some goofy videos in the vein of some great YouTubers out there. I have also been asking people what parts of my life they would like to see as I get videos together (the fuzzy kids are on the list).

I am so overly anxious about what is going on in my brain my oncologist added an MRI to compare to see how it is going – maybe rate of growth will calm me down while we try to beat my body cancer into submission. STUPID BRAIN TUMORS. I hope it calms me down, I hope.. I hope…

I am starting a heart medication called Coreg to help my heart heal, I will then have my Mugga on the 26th of February and if all is clear – we will try to get insurance to approve Perjeta/Taxotere again. This will be super interesting to see what Taxotere does to my tumor counts and how those two impacts them also (mine seem to match my cancer activity and scans, so for now they still feel like a reliable gauge on what is going on).

We are still balancing where to send the troops. My body or my brain. I wish we could just kill it ALL, but it just isn’t that easy. *sigh*

Operation "mom day" from #TheMandiList  was a success

Operation “mom day” from #TheMandiList was a success

Luckily we are living in a less immediately stressed zone, treatment is going on, signs are pointing to some kind of response. We are watching everything closely. I am managing my spoons – resting when I can and spending as much time with friends and family that I can. Unfortunately I like to overdo it, so I need to rediscover the balance of the two as I get used to life like this again. I overdo it and get stuck resting because it makes me sick. Luckily I have the ability to rest when I need to. <3

Fancy dinner mashup with Mike making goofy faces and friends.

Fancy dinner mashup with Mike making goofy faces and friends.

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