All Clear-ish

My cerebral spinal fluid was clear and negative for cancer. I am now nursing a massive spine headache thing apparently I am fired at laying flat properly for 24 hours.

This does not discount what women go through when they find out they have leptomeningeal metastases. It is a progression I am scared of, I am/was also scared of brain mets. You have to deal with the cards handed to you. Everything already going on has been too much, and I am tired, but I am happy I don’t have to figure that one out on top of everything else.

I am waiting for details on whether or not I can get in the trial I am looking at, I guess my oncologist didn’t get my notes about the trial. D’oh! I reshared the details with her. Immunology trials are tough, since they don’t work for everyone and it is a long shot. So it will be interesting to see if either side approves it.

I am slated to start Taxotere on Thursday for now. My oncologist feels like my heart isn’t ready for Herceptin or Perjeta yet. I am lost with all of the progression, the brain might look like a possible progression too. I just don’t know what is ultimately going to buy me the most time right now. My oncologist has a lot of experience, but I also try to have hope for some of the new-but not totally tested ideas. People used to not survive very long with brain mets, they are figuring that out better – so I keep hoping there will be something here or there that I can grab on to.

She may connect me with another colleague that stays up with the late breaking crazy stuff I am always running around asking about – so this may help. A couple of perspectives, who knows… I may also grab a second opinion or two too.

A potassium joke. Banana!

A potassium joke. Banana!

I hate this disease. This rollercoaster is scary, but I am not ready to get off.

Author: Mandi

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