Ch-ch-changes, Sadness and Hope

My day started with my heart falling out of my chest through the floor when I discovered Holley Kitchen died. She had been a voice for metastatic breast cancer, her video helped a lot of people understand what our lives of being a #lifer are all about. I try to education people through this metastatic breast cancer blog, but it is amazing how many people truly don’t understand MBC.

Two more lovely children that will grow up without their amazing mommy who tried to help get people to rally around curing stage IV breast cancer.

If you would like to help Holley's family, please visit:

If you would like to help Holley’s family, please visit:

My morning involved an early appointment trying to get my port accessed so I could get my mugga done. A mugga uses radioactive tracers to check the function of your heart. I asked for a do-over after my echo on Monday had me at 45% ejection fraction, which is considered heart failure. Medications like Herceptin, Perjeta and Tykerb have a history of damaging the heart. This means I can’t have those drugs if my heart isn’t working well enough.

I also had the long awaited quarterly checkup on my brain. OMG MY BRAIN. I had dropped everything in an attempt to save my brain, but guess what?!? My 4th “tumor” – they were sure if it was one – was GONE. The other 3 were at least half the size and nothing grew anywhere that warranted further treatment or a response from radiation oncology. So I am on a 3 month reprieve and my oncologist may really let me stay on Xeloda. *fingers crossed*

Which means I get a PASS. It worked, whatever it was. Radiation, maybe Xeloda, but it worked!

Now we can go back to focusing on getting my body under control with a watchful eye on my brain. A mean watchful eye.


My updated heart scan and brain scan also opened up my eligibility for the trial I wanted to do so very badly having found out I had potentially reachable tumors.

So now I GET to gather my records next week and send them over! I may get to do it!!!


A lonely life in Washington D.C. Area has my name possibly on it.

Doors closing and doors opening and I am lost for words. I am filled with joy, sadness and hope.

Author: Mandi

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