I want to tell you I had the most magical Christmas ever, filled with sparkling snow (there was tons of snow, I think my dad, older brother and Mike all took turned shoveling the front walk on Christmas Day). That all of my wishes and dreams were fulfilled and la-dee-da, but that wasn’t quite how it went down.

I started Tykerb back up Saturday before Christmas since I was on my Xeloda break. My first couple of weeks of Xeloda without Tykerb went swimmingly. I felt GREAT. Energy was up. I was bouncing around. I thought Mike was funny again, but only for a moment (hahaha Mike :P). Most excellent! Then Tykerb…

Within a couple of days it was 15+ trips to the restroom. I was afraid to eat. I was sick. I was resting my head against the bathroom wall swearing. Mike went and stocked up on Gatorade and the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). Things that are much easier on your body when they leave. I was hoping that my body would get used to Tykerb. I NEED Tykerb and Xeloda to work.

Finally Christmas activities came upon us and I was so busy trying not to sh** myself that I wasn’t exactly having a great time. Some of my family came to my house Christmas Day which was easier since I could escape. I had a house full of my nieces and my nephew for a few days, they were busy deciding which of our dogs they wanted – which was pretty funny (my brother promised them a dog this year it seems, and a puppy with two other dogs made them pick favorites – funny no one wanted a Pomsky – she is in biting phase, thus she is a cute ball of fur with very sharp teeth).

I took a day off of my Tykerb to try and get food and water into my system (since the other last thing I wanted to do was stay in the hospital because I got dehydrated), this was the day before I started my Xeloda. Thus I started my Xeloda and didn’t remember to take my anti-nausea meds and that didn’t go swimmingly either.

Needless to say, GAH!!!!! I have spent the past week trying to rest as much as possible, sip daintily on Gatorade and eating bananas like a minion. The last two days I am starting to improve, I hope it is here to stay!

I was surrounded by the people I love, and I didn’t sh** myself. I will call it holiday success!

I am waiting for the hospital to call and schedule my PET-CT which should be in the next couple of weeks and my 3 month brain MRI is in January 12. It is probably too soon to see what Xeloda and Tykerb are doing (but tumor markers and other things will at least let us know if we are way off track).

One day at a time…

Kira the puppy has learned to ind her spot on the "lay on sick Mandi's lap" - she is the fuzzy black ball at the top.

Kira the puppy has learned to find her spot on the “lay on sick Mandi’s lap” – she is the fuzzy black ball at the top.

Author: Mandi

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