Who Wants a Free TV?

Yeah, why not keep the title simple. Did I get your attention?

I get offered a lot of random and odd and boring items to try out because I blog about breast cancer. I really try to limit product stuff on here, but when it involves a TV and money going to an organization that is in the breast cancer alliance (that I am always hounding about) my ears perk up.

For every pink TCL Roku TV™ sold during the month of October, $50 will be donated to Breast Cancer Research Fund. From my understanding about 25% of their current research funds are focused on metastatic research, which is near and dear to my heart. BCRF also says that 91 cents of every dollar they get goes toward their mission (their mission being research, which is vital to finding a cure for this disease). For more details visit http://www.tclcares.com.

Now back to the TV! I was sent one, AND I get to give one away! How fun is that. The TV was going to live in Fifi (the RV), but now I am going back and forth on where it will live (my workout/craft/reading room…) decisions decisions.

The TVs come with green, pink or blue on the bezel, but only the pink ones for October 2015 are the ones getting the donations going. This TV has the Roku® operating system that includes a personalized home screen, more than 2,000 streaming channels and a simple user interface that eliminates the need to switch between multiple inputs. Which means you can watch your Netflix, HBOGo, Amazon Prime etc. right from the TV.

Right now it is in the box. It will come out of the box when tech expert hubby Mike comes home and we end the debate of where it is going to live! I’ll post more photos/info later. I was just super excited to get the contest up!


TCL is giving away one 32″ pink TCL Roku TV to one of my lucky readers!!!


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Winner will be announced 10/17/15! I will then request your information and the very friendly folks at TCL will send you your TV!

Author: Mandi

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