A Margin of Error

I got my tumor counts today. My oncologist knows I am hanging my world around these tiny little numbers. Mostly because I really want my current regimen to last a very long time.

My counts went up by two points, which is within the margin of error. Funny that we seem to celebrate a DROP of two points, but an up of two points is no big deal. Which of course is the reality because tumor markers are only there to look for trends. Trending up or trending down.

My downward trend didn’t continue, which was my hope. So the big hope is that they drop next go or we look at a change. Assumedly we try something other than Letrazole, because I need HER2 meds on board pretty much forever. I want my run with Perjeta to be long and fabulous.

I feel like I am walking on unstable ground. Walking this world of not knowing – which is a normal metastatic breast cancer world. I just hope we don’t have to spend an extreme amount of time figuring out what will keep me stable (preferably with targeted meds rather than chemo). Each change in medication involves a spread of cancer.

Crossing our fingers for a 2 point drop, within the margin of error, next round, just so I can set my mind at ease. At least for a month.


Author: Mandi

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