15 Random Facts About Me

Nancy challenged breast cancer bloggers to post 15 random facts about themselves. So here it goes:

1. Some may know it, some may not, but I love art and I spent many years studying art and creating a variety of pieces (most of which I left in the basement of an apartment I moved out of, never to be seen again). Lately I have been trying to get back into creating more things and giving them away so that my friends and family.

A recent finger painting

A recent finger painting

2. I used to live in an apartment full of lizards (2 over 3 feet), snakes, tarantulas and scorpions. Many many years ago my ex-boyfriend loved reptiles and I helped him start a business doing reptile shows – which meant the stars of the show lived with us, along with my cat. I learned how to feed a boa constrictor chickens, rabbits… ICK.

3. When I started college I planned on becoming a surgeon. This later evolved into a marketing degree and eventually an MBA. I developed arthritis when I was 18 and I was paying for college by myself, and I decided that I didn’t want to be in school that long or in debt that long. I had the opportunity to take over some of the marketing responsibilities at a company I was a receptionist at and discovered my passion for marketing, so I decided to go into marketing.

4. Based on number 3, I don’t have any student debt and I paid for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees by myself. I did go work at a university while working on my MBA so I could get a deep discount though (and I still work there, 9 years later).

5. I used to be a cat person. Mike doesn’t like cats and got me a small dog after my cat passed away. Now I am a dog person who loves her little fuzzy wuzzy wooferkins. We are looking at getting a 3rd fur child here soon.

6. I love to cook. I set a goal for myself after my early stage breast cancer adventure to learn how to cook, and learn how to cook well. Ever since then I have spent a lot of time and energy learning how to be a good cook. Now baking is a completely different story…

7. I live to travel. My goal has always been to travel the whole world. Experience different cultures and try different things. My life has always been about experiences and memories.

8. As a graduation present to myself for my bachelor’s degree I bought a house. I was single and silly, but I did buy a house at 24 all by myself… I was raised by a CFO and learned to be financially responsible at a young age.

9. I like to take photos. I am not great at it and plan on taking a class sometime soon. I don’t like to be anywhere without a camera as I like to capture everything because the photos trigger happy memories for me. Whether it was a perfect cup of coffee or the way the sunlight shined on Mike’s cheek while we were out exploring somewhere.

10. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Specifically I have seasonal affective disorder. Winters are really hard for me, yet I still live in Utah where we have pretty long winters. I am probably going to get a semicolon tattoo.

11. I hate exercising. I try to make sure I do it because it makes me feel better (right now I can’t because it could injure me, but hope to be able to soon). It is work for me to get motivated to do it though. Aggghhhhh.

12. My family didn’t think I was ever going to get married (neither did I). Until I met this wonderful dude named Mike when I was 27 and suddenly marriage didn’t sound like such an awful idea. I am stupid in love with Mike, he is the best thing that has happened to me.

The young and happy couple. Almost 8 years ago.

The young and happy couple. Almost 8 years ago.

13. I am not very handy. My mom is good at building things, painting, fixing – everything, but somehow I didn’t get that gene.

14. I come from a gigantic family. My extended family is Mormon. My mom was the youngest of 7 kids and most of her siblings had 7+ kids and their kids had many many kids. My dad was the youngest of 4, so not quite as big, but I have over 80 cousins.

15. I love a good book. I love to get myself lost in reading a great book cover to cover and many times will stay up all night to finish a book that I am into – just because I have to know what is next.


Author: Mandi

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