Taxotere Numero 8

So, here it goes into my system. Drip by drip, Taxotere number 8 – I have been on chemo for over 6 months now. It is exhausting. I can’t pretend like it is anything but exhausting, and I am having what is considered a considerably good response to this regimen, considering.

That and it is hard to get me to sit still. Trying to keep active, have a life, make the most out of each day. Which means I am still somehow ridiculously busy.

In 3 weeks we will do the next PET-CT. That and tumor counts will make the official decision on how my life continues where Taxotere is concerned for now. Will we try to keep me alive on just Perjeta and Herceptin for the next bit, how long will that work on its own? Is it working right now?

The good news is my heart is holding up. Today’s test showed my heart is still in a good functioning range to stay on these meds!

There is still the question of the two types of breast cancer and whether an AI is needed for the tumors hanging out in my lungs.

Am I NED? My lungs have been crappy lately, so I am just not sure.

So many questions, maybe some answers. In the meantime I will keep on keeping on.




Author: Mandi

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