Dogs on the Bed

Sometimes when you have breast cancer you get to break a few rules. When I don’t feel well I like to have the dogs sleep with me, which drives Mike crazy, he doesn’t like dogs on the bed. Especially Dante, the pomeranian, who likes to go sleep near Mike’s pillow when he isn’t there, no matter how many times I shoo him off. Mike then wakes up with a mouthful of fur and a grumpy comment about dogs on the bed. Oooh, the things you do for the people you love.


We had a conversation the other day among friends about dogs knowing if you have cancer. They have actually done a lot of studies and trained dogs to smell cancer. Both times I had active cancer in my body I swear the dogs knew. They get extra clingy, won’t leave my side, have to sit on me, sometimes just stare at me with creepy little doggy eyes (ok they aren’t creepy, they are cute).


We moved Zack’s bed to put up the tree and he found it to be a good vantage point to stare at me with his wee little doggy eyes.

I am now a week post oophorectomy. I am still sore, which makes me grumpy. I don’t want to be sore anymore. BAH! After about 4 days I was able to stand up straight, that was progress! Yesterday I wore something other than pajamas, so I told my friend that I think I deserve an award (because leggings and a hoodie are definitely award material). I think I dressed up for my work conference call even though they couldn’t see me. I need to be un-sore, I am heading back to work tomorrow, I will wear something other than pajamas if they are lucky…


Today I am experimenting with no pain meds, the tummy pain seems IB Profin treatable so far. I had been cutting them back quite a bit. What has been scaring me is that with the pain killers being gone, I am realizing more and more the extent of what is going on in my upper back. What worries me even more is how much it has hurt with me just sitting home all day watching bad TV zonked out on pain meds, I don’t like this, not one bit. I am hoping deep down that the cancer cells dying from radiation hurts a lot – but I am concerned radiation may not have been effective on the upper back – they said it can take 3 weeks after to have an impact though (it has been 3 weeks now). So my next hope is that the tumors shrink back when we start the anti-estrogen therapy next week (and now that I am in full blown ┬ámenopause).

I meet with my oncologist on Tuesday to get going on the next steps..

Author: Mandi

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