Fifi (the RV) is Aliiiiiivveee

Well, Fifi’s real name is Fifi Minnie Pimping. Classy, I know, but there is a story behind that… When we first bought our boat many years ago, it was not a very fancy boat, but it was a nice and reasonable boat for what we could afford. Mike grew up around very expensive boats, so our meager boat-ness was, well… meager. BUT, heck we owned our own lovely boat that floated in the water and has brought us many years of fun. When we bought it, we named it “Almost Pimping” because we are totally gangster (being white and living on the east side of Salt Lake City, Utah…) and because we are silly. Mike hates the name Fifi, and having bought a Minnie Winnie, he felt like we have now graduated to Minnie Pimping. So, my solution was to attach Fifi to the name and now maybe everybody is happy.

My friends at Susan G. Komen sent me this recently. :)

My friends at Susan G. Komen sent me this recently. 🙂

My original plans of finding something inexpensive and hardly used was an oxymoron and we kept looking at sad and beat up RVs. I had secretly been eyeballing a newer RV on clearance. After the frustration of looking at old and beat up RVs Mike had me take him to look at what I really wanted (which really was almost the cheapest one you could buy new). He had finally come around to the land of “let’s support Mandi’s crazy idea.”

It is hard to compare when you go look at the shiny new model of anything. Especially when I didn’t have to attempt to figure out how I was going to cover up and replace the baby blue, pink or flowers puked up everywhere that seem to be popular in RVs. When I kept pointing out the atrocious decor, Mike kindly noted that most of the people that buy RVs are old, and that is what they like. Lord help me when I get old… I am the plainest decorator you will ever meet. I always have been. My favorite color palette is black, gray and white (those were seriously our wedding colors – well, gray was silver). I recently discovered lime green. I think it helps a little bit.

Meet Fifi Minnie Pimping

Meet Fifi Minnie Pimping

Fifi went on her maiden voyage last weekend. I had booked a large group camp spot on Bear Lake, a beautiful teal colored lake here in Utah and invited lots of friends. It was a lovely time, filled with friendship, laughter and my dog howling. Every time I would leave him alone with anyone they would get him to howl (we figured out he does that if you tell him to run away or howl at him). Here is a video of him howling in slow motion (just because):



I also started my new tradition. Every place we take the RV glamping, I am going to pick a rock and write down the location and date and add it to a big glass vase I bought (an idea I saw my friend post on Pinterest). I am hoping to fill it with memories of our adventures near and far.

My soon to be travel rock collection

My soon to be travel rock collection


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