How to Build an Indoor Herb Garden

Once we installed a real life dishwasher in our old house our eating lives changes dramatically. My dinner planning went from figuring out what would use the least possible amount of dishes, to really trying to cook at home more often. I started a very neglected (these days) cooking blog to force myself to try new things, create stuff and get out there foodwise a bit more. Hats off to food bloggers, that is a lot of work! I may get back into updating that blog more soon, I am just a tad bit behind and I seemed to have moved into my space over here (although this post could certainly go over there).

The kitchen became a big decision maker in buying the new house. I wanted a gas stove. Why? Because everyone that cooks said they were important. I had never cooked on one in my entire life, but they are important (along with a dishwasher!). I discovered for the first two months that a gas stove is much HOTTER and I burned many many things (so much for being a better cook eh!?).

After breast cancer treatment eating healthier has been a big focus for me. I also cook as a stress reducer (usually… sometimes it is a stress causer! AGGGHH!!!). The more dishes I cooked, the more I found I needed fresh herbs around the house.

I decided that I wanted an indoor herb garden so that I had fresh herbs year round without having to go to the store. I looked up a billion (maybe not quite that many) indoor herb gardens online and just couldn’t find one to suit my needs. I ended up coming across a blog post by someone who had used Ikea supplies to build their garden and I realized it was what I was going to do (and not nearly as expensive as the pre-built herb garden options out there). I wish I had saved where I saw it, I would totally give them credit for the idea. I sort of made mine different by looking at a variety of ideas (Pinterest is really helpful for getting those ideas put together).

First round I tried growing the plants from seeds. It took forever and I killed half of the plants (I am not known for my green thumb, I usually didn’t keep plants in the house because I am not so excellent at keeping them alive. I am getting better though!). I now just buy full grown herbs.


Supplies (links to Amazon are affiliate links, I get paid a few cents if click on one and buy something):

  • For the set up I used the Ikea GRUNDTAL was the route I took. I grabbed the bars and boxes that fit my space (I know need some more boxes so that I can add some more herb varieties to my indoor herb garden).
  • Gardening soil
  • Gardening pebbles (I found them in the gardening section at the Home Depot near our house)
  • Herb plants! I started with seeds, but ended up buying plants later on. I do have to swap them out every now and then.
  • Light fixtures (I used am Ikea hanging fixture I had around the house, and grabbed a reading lamp that had a clamp to put in the middle to spread the light out more)
  • For the light bulbs I bought two Bloom Boss Spot LED Grow Light (they are 12 watts, low power, they don’t get hot and LED bulbs last forever)
  • For the background I used a peel and stick chalkboard that protects the paint behind it (and shouldn’t pull off the paint). $24. Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard Mural, Big
  • For the labels chalkboard vinyl labels $5.95
  • I bought Sanford Wet Bright Sticks Wet-Erase Fluorescent Markers, Assorted Fluorescent Colors, 5-Pack for writing on the labels and the background (super fancy) $14.99

In the bottom of the GRUNDTAL container you will sprinkle a few pebbles. I would put the metal drain over the pebbles in the metal containers (the plastic ones don’t have a drain). I would then place the herb plant in the center and fill in the extra space with some gardening soil. Add water and hang that puppy up!

I add fertilizer about once a month and have little herb scissors to trim off dead leaves and cut some herbs when I need them. I do have to swap out the plants every now and then. I am still learning the best ways to take care of my little herb garden, but it has been fun to take care of.

Mike made a funny video of me cooking one night too, here you go!
An intimate look at Mandi making Mike dinner


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