Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I think I blog sometimes just so I can create puns for titles for my blog posts.

I finally came to the realization that no matter how long I grow my hair, it wasn’t going to get any thicker. Tamoxifen has been making my hair fall out, I shed more than the dogs (maybe not… that pomeranian can leave some serious fuzzballs around the house). After about a year of wearing mostly just ponytails all of the time I needed to give in and chop off what was left of the hair on my head.

I visited my dear friend Pinterest and searched for “short haircuts for thin hair” or something like that. I perused the variety of haircuts a woman with thinning hair could opt for. I even considered going back to a pixie, but the process of growing a pixie back out was a lot of work, so I decided  to go with a haircut that would hopefully allow my hair to look healthy – but not limit my growing-hair-back options should the follicles opt to stay in my head someday (let’s not pretend like I have ever actually had a very thick head of hair, but I lost just enough that it was pretty noticeable).

I brought my trusty printout of the haircut from whatever celebrity’s head happened to show up in my Pinterest feed and BOOM, hair-be-gone. It is taking a little getting used to, but short hair Mandi is sassier (or so I have decided).


Short hair!

Short hair Mandi is also decidedly age 60ish. My dream of late is to buy an RV and travel around a bit. The problem with me and my dreams lately is  that when I get something wild and crazy stuck in my head I tend to go with it (I am stubborn, or I stick to my guns… or whatever the positive spin on THAT one is). Kind of like when I decided we were going to move to a new house

I named the RV we haven’t bought “Fifi,” when I explained this to a friend she kindly explained that I wasn’t 60, I was now 80 years old. Mike isn’t fond of the name. Maybe it will grow on him… One can only hope! 😀

Also, I was invited by the Salt Lake City Komen crew to have lunch at their offices and say “hellloooooo” today. They were a lovely group of people who had to listen to me yap my brains out. They didn’t get to hear all about Fifi though… yet… It was pretty exciting to hear about what they are working on in Utah!.

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