The Seasons Are Changing

The seasons are changing here in Utah. Every season, when it begins to snow I ask myself the meaning of life, “why the heck do I still live in Utah?” The answer is usually not 42.

In Utah we say “heck” instead of the other word, and “darn” instead of the other word because our relatives of the dominant religion have a preference for avoiding the swear words, so we make up new ones that kind of sound like the ones that they are replacing and we use them in the same context. Yet, somehow they are less offensive. The initial name of this blog was going to involve a swear word, but I love my family, and I don’t care to offend, until the post where I explain this whole swear words replacement thing-a-ma-gig… now hopefully they are still talking to me.

I bring this up partially because my employee sent me a blog to review to see if we wanted to ask the blogger to write some content for us and my response was “oh boy, does she like to swear.” He stared at me and said “you swear.” I said “no I don’t, I am the nonsweariest person you know.” This then turned into a discussion about how I am not allowed to make up words. Of course I am allowed to make up words, I had cancer for gosh-sake (this is really how we talk in Utah), I can rewrite the gosh-darn dictionary if gosh-darn want to.

On the topic of living in Utah, my husband lives here and my family lives here and I kind of like them, so here I am. Utah. It is actually a very beautiful place, but the air quality sucks. Especially in the winter, and it is not helping my lung-asthma-cough-thing. Oh yeah, my job is here also, my company is national and we have offices all over, but the big office of awesome souls resides right here in Utah.

Photos from a recent business trip to Chicago

Photos from a recent business trip to Chicago

I am craving palm trees and ocean and beaches…. so I sort of booked us flights to Grand Cayman, coincidentally (or not so coincidentally) scheduled right after we get the next status update on my lung nodules, because I am running away for a week, good news or bad. HA!

Ok. I booked plane tickets, but wasn’t paying as careful attention to the cost of hotels in Grand Cayman. I researched around and figured it out, but experienced a little sticker shock at first (being the kind of gal who likes ocean front and a balcony, but am not willing to pay the price of a Prada purse to get it). We are now staying at a nice boutique hotel walking distance to the beach in the middle of shopping for a couple of days and then running off to hide in our own little ocean front cottage for a few more days. I had vacation ADD. I couldn’t decided if I wanted to be in the thick of things or off relaxing, so I decided we would do a bit of both.

So come on Utah, bring on the snow, palm trees are ahead. Brrrrrrrr..

Author: Mandi

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