It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy

Walking around Downtown Denver with Mike.

Amazing how much time passes and I realize that it has been a bit since I updated the blog. I am consumed with work and life and summer. My last post was surgery advice, so I didn’t really update on our lives.

My previous promises to myself to work out everyday were overcome with promises of the snooze button and a few more winks of sleep. My determination to exercise was replaced with comfy sheets and lazy mornings. This week I have moved back in the routine of getting myself up, watching some Netflix and busting some moves on the elliptical. What forced me out of bed in the morning is less about getting fit and a bit more about fixing my blues (which Mike calls “cranky” I just call it the blues). Summertime isn’t a normal time for me to be down, I figure it is just a bit of everything catching up with me. It is perfectly normal, especially when you throw in the hormone changes, but I want to be downright zippy, happy, goofy and cheesy. So I am working on it.

I went in for my fourth haircut since chemo last spring/summer and we discovered that the new hair growing under my curls was straight like my old hair. So I took a deep breath and we chopped off the curls so that I can try growing it out straight rather than try to figure out what to do with the curls (I am no beauty queen, thus my hair needs to be fairly simple to do).

I had a business trip to Denver last month and Mike tagged along the weekend before so that we could explore downtown Denver. It was ridiculously hot so I bought several sundresses to survive the heat. We had fun just relaxing and even accidentally ordered the movie “John Carter” from the hotel room and rather than call the front desk to admit I had hit the wrong button, we watched it, I now really need two hours of my life back. 🙂

First time out on the boat this summer.

Summertime has come to Utah. This year is much hotter than last year (and much drier). The heat reminds us of why we bought a boat a few years ago. We have been out on the water almost every weekend.

Sunshine can also bring on those Tamoxifen hot flashes, I am finding that I get them less often than when I started taking it six months ago. Last July I was in the midst of full-blown menopause, so the difference is pretty much night and day (I am lucky that the chemo-induced menopause was only a few months long). I am thankful that most of my side effects from Tamoxifen have been fairly minimal.

I have been dipping my toe into the housing market in Utah. We have been in our house for over seven years and I am ready for a new home. There is a certain level of fear about making big financial decisions right now so we have to get ourselves situated properly to take on less of a risk if I do end up getting my way and we move. We have looked before, but found we preferred our existing home. We will see what happens!

I won’t be in for a check up until early August. I am enjoying a nice break from the world of medicine..

Author: Mandi

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