Baldy McBalderton

It had been suggested to me to take some bald photos, because I will want them later. Which is probably true, I am not exactly going to be able to block out the experience of breast cancer and losing my hair – so I may as well have fun with the good and the bad. So, why not go all out and have the pictures professionally done by the amazing and awesome Jenny Bauman (her website is:, feel free to “like” her Facebook fan page, because clearly, she is awesome). If you missed my glorious mohawk when we shaved my head you can check it out here, I thought I was bald then, but little did I know how bald I truly would be). Without too much ado, presenting bald Mandi:

Keeping it real in the grasslands of Utah.

Being silly, I think I can fly!

I call this one "urban Mandi"

Walking by the barber shop bald made us giggle, so this was the result.

Sitting on the dock, trying not to fall in!

I look innocent, muahahahahaaa.

If you have some strange desire to OWN your very own bald prints of the one and only bald Mandi, you can order them here..

Author: Mandi

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