Getting an Altitude Adjustment

Not your normal overnight bag.

Mike and I decided that we deserve a pretend-acation this weekend, we have had a bit too much reality lately. With my mom in the hospital with sepsis (yeah, that thing the surgeon is trying to avoid with me), stress at work and the constant worry about my health have left us drained.

We pondered going to Wendover (the closest casinos to Salt Lake City, UT), but Mike felt it was too dirty and too far away from my doctors. So we decided to go stay up in Park City, UT for an evening (30 minutes away and easy to come back if something came up). If you aren’t from Utah, Park City is THE ski town to visit. Lots of fun shops, hotels, art galleries and great restaurants. It also has a great night life on a Saturday night. Even though at least 4 inches of snow fell at our house last night (which means tons more in Park City), the resorts are now closed for skiing. We booked a suite on Main Street with a fridge (necessary for the antibiotics), fireplace and a jet tub that I looked at longingly.

Packing for an overnight trip this time gets a lot more interesting. Included are “Stella” (I named my wig, Michelle named hers Holly, and I decided mine needed a name also), Glad wrap (sounds kinky? I have to wrap my PICC line when I shower so that it doesn’t get wet), toiletries, a change of clothes and of all of the other necessary implements for hooking up my Vancomycin.

Jet tub! Can't take baths yet though.

We arranged for our good friend Brady to stay with the “children” (Zack and Dante, our wild little woofs). Driving up the canyon in the snow is always an adventure (you would think we would be free from this white stuff since it is the end of April, but that is Utah weather for you). It snowed off and on all evening.

Mike and I had fun visiting the shops and we had a nice dinner!

Not too long after we got up to Park City my body broke out in a rash. I have been allergic to antibiotics before, and the rash was very similar to previous allergic reactions. I called the hospital and the on call doctor wanted me to take Benadryl and stay on the Vancomycin. I woke up with a rash that officially covered everything, even the top of my toes. This time the on call doctor had me go ahead and discontinue the antibiotics. I was due to stop Monday morning, so hopefully I have had enough antibiotics to kill any lurking bacteria. There is debate over whether or not the rash is from antibiotics.

Author: Mandi

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