Life is Charming

Charm for the end of the "red devil" Adriamycin.

Not sure why, but this whole charm thing has taken a hold of me since I started chemo. Maybe it just gives me something to shop around for online when I am too tired to read or be too exciting (although exercise and diet really ave seemed to help a lot in managing fatigue). I am starting to try to pick out charms to add to my bracelet for milestones in my cancer treatment. I ordered devil charm for my next treatment which is the end of my AC cycle (no more red devil! – or red death as my mom likes to call it). I may keep looking around for a different one, this guy turned out a little larger than I hoped.

Still trying to pick out an “end of chemo” charm. I don’t want my charms to be all skull and crossbones types of things (need to pick something for radiation). So maybe I will get a hat or something cutesy related to experiences of being in chemo (I could get a food charm for my obsession with food on my steroid days). We will see.

I don’t have much exciting to report. It has been a good weekend filled with naps and resting. Overall feeling great, just a teensy bit more tired than normal. My incision issues are what they are, they don’t seem much better or worse and with the tiny window that I actually heal during I will probably be battling keeping an infection out for the rest of chemo. Hopefully after that we can get my healed up before I start radiation. The opening isn’t all that big, but it does go all of the way through. I am just hoping that antibiotics will stave off an infection while I get through chemo. Along with trying to limit my activity, which is hard because I really want to cook and clean all of the time, seriously, holding back is hard and I forget to do it frequently. Several friends have been helping feed us now and then, which has definitely helped. Love you all!.

Author: Mandi

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