Being Crafty – My Hope, Optimism, Love Bracelet

My mom gave my lucky pearls for my breast cancer treatments. I decided that I wanted a lucky custom bracelet also.I pulled out my old jewelry making supplies that have sat neglected for many years. I wanted something to fiddle with other than the computer in my tired to energy to tired rollercoaster I am riding today. The medications have done fairly well so far in managing the nausea, I went in for my Nuelasta shot this morning (my blood counts were really good Friday, yay Nuelasta!). Last night was a bit of a tailspin, I didn’t feel great, but I have certainly felt worse in life.

Tracking down lemon charms that I liked was a bit harder than I anticipated, but I was excited when I found ones I really liked (I pondered lemonade charms, but those were even harder to find in such a way that I liked. The theme of my bracelet is Hope > Optimism (lemons – making the best of a bad situation) >Love. I haven’t decided what to do with the extras that I can make, give them away, put them on Etsy, give some to the Rat Pack Foundation.

Hope, Making the Best of a Bad Situation, Love. Charm bracelet I made.

The Darn Good Lemonade charm bracelet.

Wearring my hope bracelet.

For now I just made a bracelet for me and some wine charms. I may make some earrings also. I am open to suggestions to what you think I should do with them. I only bought a few bracelets (these things can be pricey even though I consider these costume jewelry (some silver some pewter).

Love and Hope wine charms I made.

So far getting the stuff to do the has given me something to occupy myself. What brain power I have these days I try to save up for going to work. This is essentially the excitement of my weekend so far. 🙂.

Author: Mandi

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