Life in the Slow Lane

Dressed up for dinner.

Mike and I went to the Young Survivors Celebration of Life Dinner Saturday night. I did make it about 2 hours at the dinner before I had to go home because I was so exhausted (I got a full night sleep, I fell asleep at 9:00 PM!). Mike was given a nice nametag that said “Proud Supporter of Mandi Hudson” which did bring a few tears to my eyes (the photo came out blurry, so you will just have to imagine that it was cute).

They had done a beautiful job of decorating the room, dinner was excellent, and the company was nice. I have been feeling like a bit more of a shut-in that I would like to, but it is the balance of trying to not be too active and wear myself out vs. doing nothing at all!

I am proud to say that I was able to pretty much put in a full day at work today, I may not have been 100%, but I was certainly present and attentive (as present and attentive as I can be for being me). All of the sudden 2-3 long Doctor’s appointments a week have now transitioned over to 1 appointment every two weeks. Wow! I don’t know what to do with myself with all of the spare time. 🙂

The Celebration of Life Dinner decor.

I must say it is a lot less exhausting knowing for the most part what comes next (of course there will be a few surprises along the way, hair loss, how well I handle chemo further in, radiation etc.) but the nagging fears have cut back a bit. Now it is a matter of what medication in that cocktail made me feel like XX and do I want to keep taking it or suffer the consequences of not taking it. Also wanting to know when will I heal up enough to be able to get expanded (the sore is healing well, just ready for it to be healed healed!).

So far the nurses didn’t lie to me, I haven’t thrown up! I have had a couple of bouts of very minor nausea which I was able to remedy with some Zofran or with something in my belly. I have found jello, Special K protein drinks, purple Gatorade and lots of water are my friends. I am now off the handful of pills every morning and evening. I was told that the first 3-4 days are the worst of it, so if I am only going to feel better than I have over the next few days I won’t complain! I had a Nuelasta shot Saturday, which seemed to really get my legs antsy Sunday and Monday, but I think my immune system is doing pretty well from the shot (I hope). I am constantly washing my hands and covering myself with the germ killing alcohol stuff.

The next big day is the 11th, wish me luck! *hugs and kisses*.

Author: Mandi

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