Hanging Out With Family and Friends

Mel and I getting pedicures.

I called the weekend before my surgery the final “hurrah” before I started the “kick breast cancer in the butt” process that begins with surgery the following Friday the 28th. Friday evening Mel and I went to go get a pedicure (which I heard is a bit of a no-no when you are in chemo, so I had to get that one out of the way! Mel was sweet enough to treat me to a relaxing evening getting leg massages and colored toes. I swore I wouldn’t do pink, but none of the colors were really popping out at me so I decided to go PINK. After that Mike made a huge pot of spaghetti for all of the friends and family at the house before we headed out to a bar named “The Woodshed.” Where we had a few beverages (maybe just a few too many ;)).

I wasn't going to go pink, but I ended up going PINK.

Saturday Mike and I slept in pretty late as lately we actually haven’t really been able to sleep or sleep in. Once we got up Mike asked me what I wanted to eat and I decided that I wanted “the works” french toast, bacon, sausage and hash browns. Mike was happy to oblige, my mom and Steve got there just in time to join in on the big brunch. I spent the afternoon reading and relaxing when I discovered that Little Big Planet 2 had come out (we had been waiting for this game to come out for a long time and sort of missed watching for the date with everything going on).

Me, Kim and Scott hanging out at The Woodshed.

Mike and I went and bought the game and did some quick grocery shopping because I was craving chicken noodle soup (one of my comfort foods). I made a huge pot of soup that we shared with mom and Steve. The leftovers went into single serve size bowls that I froze so that I have some easy home cooked food to grab if I wanted it after the surgery. We spent the rest of the evening playing Little Big Planet 2 (it is one of those games that makes you giggle a lot because of all of the silly stuff they put in it).

Sunday my good friend Julie came to hang out with me during the afternoon. She is my good errand buddy as she doesn’t mind running errands with me and keeps me up to date on girl chat. Brian, Michelle and baby Morgan made us dinner tonight so we were able to relax at their house and watch a movie. We came home to a completely tiled bathroom (and the cleanest I have seen our house in a few weeks)! Yay, just grout, seal, caulk and putting in the rest of the stuff. The worst part is over!

Bathroom is all tiled (including the floor which has a box on it).

Joan scheduled a special appointment for me Thursday afternoon to go ahead and cut my hair short. I have had super short hair in the past – so this won’t be a completely new experience for me. I wanted to see if I could give the hair to Locks of Love, but my use of bleach on my hair in the past makes it unusable (good FYI for those that are ever interested in donating their hair).

The "you have cancer" book.

Mike went to stores all over the valley to find a Kindle for me (it has been on my wish list for a long time). After driving to 3 different Targets (Best Buy was all sold out), he was able to grab the last on that one of them had in stock. I bought a messenger bag that will fit my laptop, Kindle, “you have cancer” book (that is what I nicknamed the handy 3 ring binder that the Huntsman uses to put educational information, lab reports etc. in so that you have all of your information in one place). A change of clothes, snacks and other random things I will discover to be handy to keep around during hospital visits.

Next Appointments on Tuesday the 25th:

  • Appointment with plastic surgeon to determine my reconstruction options/plan for surgery on Friday
  • PET/CT scan Tuesday afternoon (I don’t get to eat all day before this one, boo)


Author: Mandi

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