A Taste of Normal

One of the Construction Zones

After a crazy and hectic work day Friday (sometimes you truly have those “everything that could go wrong really did go wrong” days) Mike and I got gussied up for a hoedown or something like that. His work has a dressy event every January and this year had a cowboy theme. We got dressed up and rustled up some grub. It was nice seeing Mike’s coworkers and being out and about. I’ll update this post once I get my hands on a picture of us from the event. We felt like total party animals because we had two parties Friday night.

Our good friend Tanner (yes it is a nickname) was officially moving to Europe for 2 years and his going away party was also Friday night. Maybe we will hold his box of tools hostage for two years, I kid I kid… We ran home and got out of our dress clothes and found my mom and step dad Steve working on the bathroom floor (the floor around the toilet was rotten and had to be replaced), they had been doing some serious carpentry work for several hours and looked darned near exhausted. We were able to talk them into heading home.

Gussied Up

We then went out to the party for Tanner and had some munchies (homemade thin mints anyone?) and said hello to our group of near and dear friends. We were pretty tired and ended up not staying too late, plus we needed to get up at a reasonable hour to get in the bathroom remodeling groove.

We went shopping Saturday for a chair, Mike heard that I would want a recliner to sleep in if I can’t sleep in the bed. The $700 price tag on the comfortable Lazy Boy made me a bit shy. With remodeling going on and medical expenses to come, I am just not in the mood to purchase an expensive chair right now. My mom has a super comfortable chair with ottoman that I may steal for awhile (with a chair cover, I am a little crazy about things “matching”).

The True Face of Dedication

Mom and Steve have been over all weekend helping us with the bathroom, Steve manning the tile saw in the snow and the freezing cold late at night with my mom laying tile. With the tub cleaned up a bit, the paint done and some tile laid it is starting to look like a real bathroom in there. I finally had the energy to go ahead and make some homemade shredded chicken enchiladas Saturday. I will be making a huge pot of Market Street style clam chowder tonight.

Mike’s friend John got him a ski ticket and they spent all day up at Deer Valley (Mike’s first time out on the mountain this winter and he looks a bit bow legged and is on the sore side). I spent the day running errands with my friend Julie, luckily Julie doesn’t mind running all over town to buy the right soap dish and looking at some new comfy lounge clothes that should be easier to put on and are baggier in the right places.

Mom Tiling

I think the initial emotional shock has finally started to wear off and we have started to feel the as close to normal as we have in over a week. We have no idea what day my surgery will be scheduled on after my appointment on Thursday, so it feels like we have a lot to get done. We have certainly made some progress. Overall I think we all had a pretty great weekend (except for maybe mom and Steve… but, um, they are still talking to me at least!)..

Author: Mandi

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