The Cancer Weight Loss Program, God and Hair

In less than one week you can lose over 5 pounds! This is a limited time offer… Ok, being somewhat silly. Out of curiosity I stepped on the scale this morning and discovered I have lost 5 pounds in 5 days. What is interesting is that I don’t seem to be eating less, but it could be that I am just eating that much less and that much healthier because my tummy has been in knots all week (the thought of anything deep fried sets me over the edge). Our friends came over and made a roast rack of lamp and lava cakes, so we are definitely eating!

Mike is in the same skinny boat, I think we will be able to put him in those rib showing starving child in Africa commercials here soon (maybe that will help pay the bills!). He can star in that commercial or one of the Utah quitting tobacco commercials – his line can be “I quit smoking the week we found out my wife had cancer, what’s your excuse?” I may get kicked by a few people for that one. That decision was made while we walked out of the hospital with the news fresh on our brains. We really should limit the amount of cancer occurring in our family of two.

For those that I know are extremely concerned about this particular topic: Yes, my father and my older brother will be giving me a blessing before my surgery. For those that hope this life changing event will change my spiritual preferences, no, those aren’t going to change, I promise. I love and respect the wishes of all of my family and friends and their preferences, we all have different ways of coping with what life throws at us. I respect yours, please continue to respect mine.

Dereck's Hair

Dereck has agreed to shave his head when I lose my hair, I think this image clearly demonstrates the deep sacrifice of his luscious locks of hair that he is willing to make for my ego. Mike has offered to do the same, I want Mike to keep his hair, but I am totally making Dereck shave his head because I am a jerk like that.

We are working on bathroom renovations in the evening and keeping ourselves as busy as we can. For those that know me, patience and sitting still aren’t exactly key components of my demeanor..

Author: Mandi

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