Quiet Time

Now that my birthday party was over we decided to go ahead and start telling some of our friends about the cancer. Mike was kind enough to take on this task, as just telling people is hard for me and brings up all of the emotions that I have been trying to keep under control. I am feeling a little better today now that we have a moment to relax. The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of activity, but more than anything I am exhausted, we haven’t been sleeping the last few nights.

I decided to take a moment to read all of my aunt’s blog about her experiences with breast cancer this year. My mom had called her Thursday and got information about her surgeon at Huntsman as I wanted to schedule surgery as soon as possible. The hardest part for me has been not knowing what to expect. My aunt’s wonderful sense of humor and detail really helped me come to terms with a few things and prepared me for what to expect in some areas (and made me realize I may need to start buying some new clothes).

I also went ahead and set up the blog tonight and moved over the posts that I had written earlier. I am trying to relax and  start researching information about breast cancer. I am learning about types of breast cancer and the staging so that I understand some of the information when I get the biopsy results.

I am stressed out about letting everyone know when I go in to work Monday. Once I have informed everyone there I can basically tell “everyone else.” I decided to wait until Monday and let people know in person, but I am not sure how well I am going to keep my composure. I don’t want to miss time at work, I have a great job working with great people. I am very career driven and having this come up early in my professional career stresses me out..

Author: Mandi

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