I Got Breast Cancer for my 31st Birthday

Maybe scheduling the appointment the day before my birthday wasn’t a good idea, but it was the soonest that the hospital could get me in. We are trying to find the energy to inform everyone but find that it just gets us worked up more and at the moment we are just trying to think about it a little less. We had a big birthday party with close friends planned for this evening, so the preparations should hopefully keep us busy.

I started to think about whether or not I wanted to blog about everything and realized that it may be a way to get the words, experiences and information out there without physically having to say what is going on so I went ahead and bought the domain and had already started to write down my thoughts. Plus getting words down digitally takes them out of my mind where they are swimming around making me think too hard. I usually write things down as a trick to slow things down, so I am hoping this will work.

I think we are still in a bit of shock. Luckily Mike came to the hospital with me, he was able to hear it from the doctor himself and was able to console me. I am not sure how I would have handled the news on my own. A lot of tissues were involved, I try to be strong, but I am not sure how you are supposed to handle news like this.It seems that the best thing is to start planning. My mom contacted my aunt yesterday who is wrapping up her battle with breast cancer and got her surgeon’s name so that I can get moving on scheduling surgery.

We have a lot of people we haven’t told yet, we don’t want to create a New Year party downer so we decided we would tell friends tomorrow, even though family has already been informed. Thinking about telling everyone at work is stressful, but it also makes me appreciate working where I do for the people that I do. I am assured that I will have the support I need and the work to keep me busy through the tough times ahead.

Next steps, by me a fabulous New Year’s outfit and a shiny disco ball for the party.

Happy New Year!

Appetizers I made for the party.

disco ball

Disco ball shopping was a complete success.


Author: Mandi

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